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The CO2eco team monitor carbon markets and the latest thinking on valuing nature-based services, as reflected in our insights and the links provided here

Carbon Markets

Oxford Offsetting Principles
Sept 2020

1. Cut emissions, avoid emissions, and use high quality offsets.
     Regularly revise offsetting strategy as best practice evolves
2. Shift to carbon removal offsetting
3. Shift to long-lived storage
4. Use long term, high-quality offsets, and support the development of net zero aligned markets

COP26 outcome: A guide to Article 6 by S&P Global Platts
17 Nov 2021

A summary guide to Nationally Defined Contributions,
Corresponding Adjustments and ITMOs, and the agenda towards COP27

The Role of Derivatives in Carbon Markets:

This paper describes the role of derivatives in carbon markets and reviews exchange-traded and over-the-counter (OTC) carbon derivatives. It also provides insights on compliance and voluntary carbon markets and explains how firms use these markets to meet their compliance obligations, achieve corporate social responsibility goals and manage risks.”

Nature Positive

An introduction to the business benefits of investing in Nature-based Solutions from CISL (Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership) which includes:

— A definition of Nature-based Services (NbS)
— Corporate motivations for investing in NbS
— Examples from Kelloggs and others
— Summarises the challenges of embedding NbS in a corporate climate strategy
–The value of NbS alongside carbon credits