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CO2eco connects investors seeking high-quality carbon removals with landowners and local communities wishing to restore nature. Our contracts offer:

Fixed price

• corporate investors hedge against carbon price volatility for a future supply of carbon to achieve their science-based net zero targets
• landowners and local communities benefit from a high-value income stream based on forward carbon prices

Low risk

• corporate investors secure a diversified future supply of carbon, where assets are spread across geography, type and supply chain
• high-integrity and transparent schemes certified under established carbon codes. Top project ratings.


• landowners and communities who care: they are always the best stewards of the land as they are committed to quality and delivery over the long-term
• schemes which restore nature and deliver social and economic outcomes, especially in the case of projects led by indigenous communities

CO2eco administers these projects over their lifecycle, ensuring all parties achieve their objectives: landowners, communities, scheme developers and the owner of the carbon credit. Whether you are a landowner or a community seeking funding for nature recovery, a business developing your science-based net zero plan, or a project developer…. if you would like to know more, please get in touch.