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A global challenge…

 The need for urgent and ambitious investment in the Climate and Nature crises is a call to action for us all. As individuals, communities and business leaders, we have an obligation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by restoring our atmosphere to sustainable levels.

At the same time, we must protect and restore our precious natural ecosystems, on which all life on Earth depends.

… Also, an opportunity:

The UK has possibly the most ambitious climate targets of any developed nation: to reach Paris-compliant net-zero by 2050 with a tough interim 2035 objective.

To achieve this, huge emissions reductions and carbon removals must be contracted as soon as possible. This requires a huge transition, but also opportunity for investment and job creation.

“We recognise that climate change and the health of the natural
environment are intrinsically linked and will ensure that the actions we
take maximise the opportunities to solve these crises in parallel.”
G7 Climate and Environment: Ministers’ Communiqué 21/5/21

Time left to 2050


Private finance can fund this transition

Investment in the low-carbon transition can be cost-effective and comes with a return.

Avoiding emissions is most urgent, but carbon removal is also needed at scale and pace. The best technology already exists in nature, notably trees, soils, wetlands and so on.

Better still, nature-based removals bring other benefits: farming resilience, nature recovery, air & water quality, flood alleviation, community engagement.

CO2eco offers an investment solution for both businesses and landowners to act decisively: high-quality, risk adjusted long-term carbon credits. CO2eco Solution

The increase in atmospheric CO2 graphically illustrates the size of the challenge

The global atmospheric CO2 figure continues to rise relentlessly. Until we see a consistent and dramatic reduction, we are not doing enough to return to safe planetary limits.

October 2022: 415.78 ppm
October 2021: 413.93 ppm

Last updated: Nov 5th, 2022